Thelma Golden on Julie Mehretu

At times, the mind separates from the body. Abstract art is a testament, generally, to the artist’s spirit trying to join the two. In the modern world, the separation of mind and body is fairly standard: we go about our lives affected more often than not by the present state of cultural anxiety provoked by the necessary engagement with the multiple channels of life, real and virtual, that we all exist in. The challenge is trying to protect ourselves from feeling, for to feel would be to complicate what should be clear. Thus disguised, we go about our daily lives in a fractured state: trying not to feel or think, when living a fully realized life requires both. Julie Mehretu’s drawings expose her voice and vision and are a visual representation of her soul—and her desire for the world she lives in and the world she imagines in her work, for the mind and body, to transcend and become one.